Oracle University Class Setup Wizard
Welcome to the Oracle University Class Setup Wizard. You will need approximately 10 minutes to complete all steps. The wizard will guide you through the steps listed below and will also provide you with recommendations to fix issues if any.

Test your system to ensure that your computer meets the minimum and recommended requirements

Test Audio and Web Conferencing (Live Virtual Class students only)

If you are planning on attending a Live Virtual Class, the last step of the wizard will allow to you report your issues, and an Oracle University technical support representative will contact you to help resolve.

**Action Required**
Configure your browser

You need to configure your browser to enable the Java plug-in. Click on one of the icons below corresponding to the browser you are using for instructions.
Show Instructions Show Instructions Show Instructions

Internet Explorer users getting the below yellow information bar

Need to add to the Trusted Sites Zone

Google Chrome users getting the below yellow information bar, need to click on
"Run this time" button anytime the message is displayed

Mozilla Firefox users getting the following notification need to click the red plug-in icon in the browser
address bar and in the new window click the "Activate" or "Allow and remember" button

Configure Java

Your Java version is ,Click recheck to run this test again if the result is blank.

Alternatively, you can visit the Verify Java page to update your Java and then restart the testing process.

**Action Required** If the Java version detected is 1.7.0_51 or higher, you need to change your Java security settings show me, close your browser and restart the testing process.

Open Control Panel
In the search box, type java, and then click on the Java icon.
On the Security tab, move the slider to the Medium position, then click OK and re-run the Setup Wizard.