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Oracle Certified Master Profiles

Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master

Daniel Romeo Vasileniuc
Daytime Phone Number 336-529-6589
Location Winston-Salem, NC
Email Address romeo@romeosoft.com
Specialization Title Data Warehouse Architect
Years of Experience 10+ years
Specialization Profile

I started working with Oracle database since 1994. I've been involved in about all aspects of Oracle database technologies including RAC, ASM, Data Guard and Streams. I've designed and implemented many different varieties of high available database environments using RAC on ASM, OCFS2 and Tru64 CFS. I enjoy database and SQL performance tuning. I am also a proficient Perl developer. I developed several portals using F5/Apache/Perl/Oracle RAC. Recently I've also been interested in web development using Oracle APEX.

In my current role as data warehouse architect with BB&T, I have architected and implemented many business-driven solutions using Oracle and other vendor products to meet critical business needs especially in warehousing area.

For more information visit: http://romeosoft.com/