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Oracle Certified Master Profiles

Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer

Marius Bogdan Ionescu
Daytime Phone Number 0040747116636
Location Romania
Email Address marius.bogdan.ionescu@gmail.com
Specialization Title Senior Development Consultant
Years of Experience 10+ years
Specialization Profile

Currently I am leading projects on Java, ABAP and Web development technologies at SAP. I am also searching, engaging and getting clients for the NSC RO. My primary skillset is people mentoring, client interaction, project tracking and support, people reviews, applying lessons learned and optimizing team coordination and delivery processes on Java and Web Development.

I am as a Senior Development Consultant at SAP NSC, working with teams in various countries and cultures on whole project lifecycle with J2EE, JEE, IBM SOA Implementations, Various OpenSource Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate), IBM Technologies (WAS, WPS, Portal, MB, RAD, RSA, WID), SAP Ecommerce, SAP Webchannel, B2B, Netweaver Application Server, B2C, JCO, Web development (HTML 4 and 5, CSS 2 and 3, Javascript, jQuery, UI5, etc), ABAP, BSP, SAP Gateway, SAP BPM, SAP Hana, C/C++, ASM, Occam, Software Architecture and Design, UML, Design Patterns & Best Practices, Team Interaction.