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Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master

Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Master

Yury Velikanov
Location Sydney, Australia
Email Address j.velikanovs@gmail.com
Specialization Title Oracle DBA Expert
Years of Experience 10+ years
Specialization Profile

As most of Oracle Certified Masters I am a technical person enjoying to meet and overcome technical challenges. In the most successful assignments I ever did the technical challenge was related to one or several business problems. And these are the cases where you receive the best possible satisfaction seeing that your job results added significant value to a customers’ business.

A few facts about me (for the complete profile please do not hesitate to be in touch with me):

  • All Senior DBA Related duties (backup & recovery, tuning, patching etc)
  • Speaker at Hotsos 2005/2006, UKOUG 2005/2006/2006/2007/2008 etc
  • I am 9i (2003), 10g (2008) and 11g (2011) Oracle Certified Master
  • I have been working in IT since 1995 (16+ years)
  • Oracle DBA since 1997 (Oracle 7.2 ;)
  • Oracle Apps DBA since 2001 (10+ years)
  • 25+ projects as Oracle DBA
  • RAC, Data Guard, Partitioning, Parallel Query, etc
  • Oracle Certification (10 certificates) in several areas DBA (since 7.3), EBS, AS
  • Master’s Degree in computer science

I like to work with people and to make good long-lasting working relationships.

Let’s be in touch and work together.