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Oracle Certified Master Profiles

Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Master

  Xiang Bing Liu
Daytime Phone Number +86-13764045638
Location Shanghai, China
Email Address maclean_007@163.com
Specialization Title Oracle Consultant, Database Administrator
Years of Experience 5-7 years
Specialization Profile


  • Oracle Certified Master 11g
  • Oracle Certified Master 10g
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters Administrator Certified Expert 10g
  • Linux,AIX RS6K Expert
  • Experience: 8 node 10g rac on Linux VLDBs (5+ TB)
  • 24/7 Production Support
  • Financial industry&communication industry , Performance Tuning, SQL and PL/SQL Code Reviews Administration, Installations
  • Interested in Oracle database internal
  • My blog: www.oracledatabase12g.com