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The Oracle Database 11g Administrator (Upgrade From Oracle Database 10g) - Learning Path

Already know Database 10g but need to hone your skills to administer Oracle Database 11g? The Oracle Database 11g Administrator (Upgrade) learning path is designed to provide an effective curriculum plan for existing database administrators to quickly learn what is new in the 11g release. Oracle Database 11g is packed with features to help you safely and easily manage change and to provide high performance, scalability, fault tolerance, and the highest security for your enterprise. Once you learn the new features for administering a database, you can develop advanced knowledge in any of these focus areas:

  • Performance management
  • High availability
  • Grid
  • Security
  • Data warehouse administration
  • Manageability
  • Linux
  • Storage Server
Whether you pursue recommended courses for a focus area or select advanced DBA topics from multiple focus areas, the Oracle University curriculum tracks for Oracle Database 11g are created to meet today’s DBA challenges. Review our recommended courses and select the course that’s right for you.

Path Detail

The Oracle Database 11g Performance Management focus area provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to monitor, diagnose, and tune your database for optimal performance.

Database administrators are tasked with managing performance of the IT infrastructure from both proactive and reactive perspectives. Reactive management includes monitoring and tuning to address performance issues due to unexpected changes in the workload. Proactive management includes scaling the infrastructure for measured increases in usage and data volume. This focus area provides you with the knowledge to apply a best-practice tuning methodology along with the skills to monitor, diagnose, and tune common performance-related problems. You learn the self-managing capabilities and tunable components of Oracle Database 11g.

Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators DBA Release 2

This Database 11g New Features training teaches you the key features and enhancements of both Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and Release 2. Learn to manage change, diagnose & recover from problems, ensure high availability, improve scalability & more.

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Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning DBA Release 2

This Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning training is an advanced curriculum course. It builds on the Introduction to Performance Tuning in the Administration Workshop I and II courses, focusing on the tuning tasks expected of a DBA.
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Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop

This Database 11g SQL Tuning Workshop training teaches database developers, DBAs and SQL developers to identify and tune inefficient SQL statements. Learn how to investigative methods to reveal how the Oracle database executes the SQL statement.

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