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Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining - Learning Path

Oracle Database 11g offers fast, reliable and secure access for extremely large data warehouses to service the reporting, perform complex analytics using options like OLAP, and achieve data mining requirements. Oracle’s training solutions give students the knowledge and skills they need to effectively implement and manage these technologies.

Path Detail

Learn how to administer Oracle OLAP which makes it easy to produce analytic measures, including time-series calculations, financial models, forecasts, allocations, regressions, and more.

Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL Ed 2

This Intro to SQL training teaches you basic concepts of relational databases and the SQL programming language. You'll gain essential SQL skills to write queries against single & multiple tables, manipulate data in tables & create database objects.

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UNIX and Linux Essentials

This Unix and Linux Essentials training helps users & administrators who are new to the Oracle Solaris 11 & Oracle Linux operating systems. Learn to manage files & directories from the command line, perform remote connections, file transfers & more.

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Oracle Database 12c R2: Administration Workshop Ed 3

The Oracle Database 12c R2: Administration Workshop Ed 3 course is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in administration of an Oracle Database. In this course you will gain a conceptual understanding of Oracle Database architecture and learn how to manage an Oracle Database in an effective and efficient manner.

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Oracle Database 12c: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing

This Oracle Database 12c: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing training teaches you how to use Analytic SQL to aggregate, analyze, report and model data. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

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Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals

This Database 11G Data Warehousing training teaches data warehousing concepts and technologies, while examining Oracle’s approach to data warehouse implementation. Review partitioning, parallel operations, materialized views and more.

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Oracle Database 11g: OLAP Essentials

Oracle OLAP 11g, a fully-integrated component of Oracle Database 11g, provides a full featured multidimensional data model and calculation engine that is easily accessible to any SQL based business intelligence application or tool. In this course students learn to design and create a powerful, analytically rich OLAP data model, and create sophisticated analytic reports of OLAP data by using simple SQL queries.
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