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R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Tools and Technology - Learning Path

The R12 E-Business Suite delivers Oracle's market-leading database and application server products in a single, consolidated technology stack. Featuring tight integration with Oracle's infrastructure management tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control, the E-Business Suite offers enterprise-class scalability, performance, and high-availability. Once you learn the essentials of Oracle R12 E-Business Suite, you can develop advanced knowledge in any of the following focus areas:

  • Applications Technology
Whether you pursue recommended courses for a focus area or select advanced topics from multiple Oracle E-Business Suite Projects focus areas, the Oracle University curriculum for R12 Oracle E-Business Suite is created to meet your objectives. These courses target new and existing students. Review Oracle University's recommended learning paths and select the courses that are right for you.

Path Detail

Develop skills and master the applications technology products and components in R12 Oracle E-Business Suite, through training on life cycle management, process integration and events.

R12.2 Oracle E-Business Suite Fundamentals

This Oracle E-Business Suite training introduces you to the R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite, covering basic navigation skills and essential topic areas. This course provides a functional foundation for all E-Business Suite applications.

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R12.2 Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals

This Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals teaches you concepts and functions that are critical to the System Administrator role. It covers implementing and managing the Oracle E-Business Suite.
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R12.2 Implement Oracle Workflow

This Implement Oracle Workflow course teaches you concepts and features of Oracle Workflow. It also covers the benefits of using Oracle Workflow in an e-business environment.

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