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R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Tools and Technology - Learning Path

The R12 E-Business Suite delivers Oracle's market-leading database and application server products in a single, consolidated technology stack. Featuring tight integration with Oracle's infrastructure management tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control, the E-Business Suite offers enterprise-class scalability, performance, and high-availability. Once you learn the essentials of Oracle R12 E-Business Suite, you can develop advanced knowledge in any of the following focus areas:

  • Applications Technology
Whether you pursue recommended courses for a focus area or select advanced topics from multiple Oracle E-Business Suite Projects focus areas, the Oracle University curriculum for R12 Oracle E-Business Suite is created to meet your objectives. These courses target new and existing students. Review Oracle University's recommended learning paths and select the courses that are right for you.

Path Detail

R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Building OA Framework Applications


This R12.X Framework Applications training teaches you methods & tools that E-Business Suite developers use to create OA Framework-based pages. Complete a full-featured application that queries, inserts, updates & deletes data from an instance.

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R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Customizing OA Framework Applications


Customizing the E-Business Suite is the process of modifying the base install to suit the needs of your installation. Customizing can be as simple as setting a single profile option, or as complex as writing a new application for your instance. This course is intended to teach the range of customizations available in the E-Business Suite.

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R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: OA Framework Personalizations

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.

This course teaches you how to change the look and behavior of an Oracle E-Business Suite instance without programming, and without worrying about losing those personalizations during patching and upgrades.
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