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Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) - Learning Path

Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is an innovative, yet mature Java EE development framework available and is directly supported and enabled by Oracle JDeveloper. Oracle ADF simplifies Java EE development by minimizing the need to write code that implements the applications infrastructure allowing the users to focus on the features of the actual application. An Oracle ADF application developer uses JDeveloper and Application Development Framework (ADF) to design and build Java EE-compliant applications, and then tests and deploys them to Oracle WebLogic Server.

Path Detail

The Fusion Web Application Developer Learning Path identifies the courses that will provide the skills and knowledge required to become a Java EE Application Developer using Oracle ADF. The Developer uses Oracle JDeveloper 11g to write and compile the source code. Students learn about the implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and the ADF architecture. The data model is built with ADF Business Components and the user interface with ADF Faces. Participants can also use Oracle WebCenter 11g and learn to use Oracle JDeveloper and WebCenter Framework, Composer, and Services to add Enterprise 2.0 capabilities to a basic ADF application, to create a content-rich, collaborative, customizable application.

Java SE 8 Fundamentals

This Java SE 8 Fundamentals training enables those with little or no programming experience to learn object-oriented programming using the Java language. It provides a solid foundation to build upon throughout your software development career.

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Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1

This Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1 training teaches you how to use Oracle JDeveloper 12c to build, test and deploy an end-to-end web application. It's ideal for developers who want to build Java EE applications using Oracle ADF.

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