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Oracle Identity Management - Learning Path

Using Oracle Identity Management, enterprises can manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. You can deploy applications faster, apply granular protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminate latent access privileges, and much more. The Oracle Identity Management Learning Path will:

  • Teach you how the Oracle Identity Management solution can manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across an enterprise.
  • Help your company to simplify compliance and capture business opportunities.
  • Teach you how your company can use Oracle Identity Management products to strengthen security and reduce costs.

The Oracle Identity Management Learning Path targets three types of administrators: Identity Administrator, Directory Administrator, and Security Administrator, each listed and detailed below.

Oracle University’s learning path is structured to meet different organizational demands. Review our recommended courses and select the course you wish to learn.

Path Detail

The Oracle Identity Management - Directory Administrator learning path provides the knowledge and skills you need to master Oracle Directory Services 11g. The path starts with LDAP and Directory Services: Essentials course that teaches you the basic LDAP concepts and an introduction to Oracle Directory Services. The path then teaches you how to create and manage Oracle Virtual Directory adapters and access control lists (ACLs), integrate Oracle Virtual Directory and enterprise user security (EUS), integrate Oracle Internet Directory with other directories, including Microsoft Active Directory and Sun Java System Directory Server, using Oracle Directory Integration Platform and configure Oracle Internet Directory for synchronization and replication. You also learn to perform routine maintenance, control access, monitor and tune servers, and perform other tasks encountered in day-to-day operations using Oracle Directory Server EE 11g.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Administration Overview

This Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g course teaches you tasks, tools and techniques to administer the principal products and components of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Expert instructors will show you how to deploy applications and more.

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LDAP and Directory Services: Essentials Ed 2

This course gives you an overview of Oracle Identity Management products. Explore basic Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) concepts, features, and architecture of Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) and Oracle Internet Directory (OID).
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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1: Maintenance and Operations

This Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition training teaches you how to install, configure and maintain Oracle Directory Server EE 11gR1. Learn to use both the command-line and the Web-based GUI interfaces.

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