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Oracle Business Process Management 11g - Learning Path

The Oracle Business Process Management learning paths provide specific course sequences that teach students how to use tools for end-to-end business process modeling and analysis. Successful completion of these curriculum paths enables designers, business analysts, system administrators, developers, and architects to use Oracle BPM to simplify the implementation and execution of business processes and work with real-time and historical process data.

Other Business Process Management Learning Paths
Oracle Business Process Management 10g

Oracle BPM Business User Learning Path

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Path Detail

Business process designers and analysts are responsible for analyzing business processes in the enterprise and creating models of those processes in BPM. The curriculum recommended for this path provides the knowledge and skills that a designer or business analyst needs to master the use of Oracle BPM.

Oracle BAM 11g: Build Real-Time Dashboards

This Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) training explains how to use Oracle BAM to monitor enterprise business activities across an enterprise in real time. Check key performance indicators and service-level agreements and take corrective action in real time.

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