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Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management - Learning Path

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Learning Paths provide the courses needed to increase the implementation team’s skills to guide a company through strategic implementation choices. BRM paths are available for Business Managers, Server Developers, System Administrators, Pricing Developers, Billing Support, and Pipeline Developers. Complete these paths to get the skills you need to administer the BRM applications. Review our recommended courses by job role and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

The Pricing Developer implements portions of the project plan related to creating, modifying, and maintaining Pricing and related information. The Pricing Developer transforms existing, or new product, or service offerings into the Pricing Objects utilized by the BRM system. This includes determining the service to which access is granted for the end user, establishing nonrecurring charges, cyclical recurring charges, and usage-based charges, as well as determining the most effective ways for packaging these charges, assigning any discounts or free periods, and assigning General Ledger codes to the rates utilized, and so on. The Pricing Developer will be familiar with creation of Plan Lists, Plans, Deals, Products, Discount Objects and their components, Charge Share Objects and their components, as well as Discount and Charge Share Groups, and Product Dependencies.

Please note: Batch Pricing Developers should also take the Billing and Revenue Management Version 7 Batch Pricing and Rating course. Batch Pricing Developer: The Batch Pricing Developer implements portions of the project plan related to creating, modifying, and maintaining Pricing using the Pipeline Manager. The Batch Pricing Developer configures all base components utilized by the Pipeline Manager, such as Calendars, Time Ranges, Zone Maps, Impact Categories, Price Models, Discount Models, and so on. The Batch Pricing Developer uses the Pricing Center to relate these components into groups that result in particular Batch Pricing consequences.

BRM Pricing Foundation 7.5 with Pricing Design Center

This BRM Pricing Foundation 7.5 with Pricing Design Center training teaches you how to create and maintain price plans using Pricing Design Center. It's ideal students who need to take an existing pricing model and translate it into a price plan.

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Billing and Revenue Management Pipeline Pricing and Rating 7.5

Pipeline Pricing and Rating is designed for those responsible for the creation and maintenance of batch price plans using BRM Pricing Center and covers:

  • The BRM batch pricing model and rating concepts
  • How to build price plans using the BRM Pricing Center
  • How to test price plans prior to implementation

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