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Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management - Learning Path

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Learning Paths provide the courses needed to increase the implementation team’s skills to guide a company through strategic implementation choices. BRM paths are available for Business Managers, Server Developers, System Administrators, Pricing Developers, Billing Support, and Pipeline Developers. Complete these paths to get the skills you need to administer the BRM applications. Review our recommended courses by job role and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

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The Billing Operations personnel configure, execute, and monitor daily billing runs, errors, and resubmissions, administer billing groups and delayed billing. In addition, these personnel run trial billing and apply payments, as well as process accounts in collections, handle refunds or credits, corrections and write offs.

Billing and Revenue Management Billing and Finance 7.5

Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Billing and Finance is designed for those responsible for using the BRM tools and applications available for billing support and revenue analysis. This course covers the BRM billing model and configuration options, use of BRM client tools to manage the billing and revenue management aspects of customer accounts, and BRM reports.
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