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Oracle CPQ Cloud Learning Paths - Learning Path

Each Oracle CPQ Cloud administration learning path offers a different way of learning how to accomplish basic and advanced administration use cases within Oracle CPQ Cloud. Students can choose to take all Oracle CPQ Cloud administration courses in just two courses through the Complete Administration learning path, or they can space out their training by taking each Blue Belt advanced administration course individually.

Administrators may also use the Specialized Administration learning path to take only the advanced courses that are relevant to their area of specialization. Business admin users and non-admins that need general system knowledge should take the Business Perspective learning path.

Business Perspective

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Path Detail

The curriculum recommended for the Oracle CPQ Cloud Business Perspective learning path teaches the knowledge you need to have informed Oracle CPQ Cloud implementation, administration, and business discussions. Business users will also learn to administrate system data tables and the Oracle CPQ Cloud parts database.

The Oracle CPQ Business Perspective learning path offers an extensive system overview to create a knowledge base for implementation, administration, and business discussions related to Oracle CPQ. Basic business user administration training on data tables and the parts database is also covered. This learning path should be taken by business admin users or non-admins, such as project managers, sales managers, business analysts, product managers, pricing analysts, contract administrators, and executives.