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Oracle Communications Service Fulfillment - Learning Path

The Oracle Communications Service Fulfillment Learning Paths provide the training needed to support the service fulfillment process. These paths include training for various product areas such as Inventory Management, Service Activation, Order Management, and Network Mediation. Many learning paths include an introductory course for new users or users that need a refresher, as well as advanced courses for system administrators, implementation team members or developers. Review our recommended courses by product and select the courses based on the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

Complex activation processes are seamlessly enabled through the integration of two complementary Oracle Communications Service Activation solutions: Oracle Communications ASAP and Oracle Communications IPSA. Oracle Communications Service Activation enables service providers to centralize activation control for all service and technology domains, including ones that are currently supported by existing activation systems. Follow the learning path by product area to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement these solutions.

Oracle Communications IPSA is an expert activation engine uniquely focused on delivering QoS-enabled IP-based services.

Oracle Communications IP Service Activator 7.0: User

The IP Service Activator User course gives students the conceptual knowledge and practical experience required to use IP Service Activator to discover and manage complex, IP-based, multi-vendor networks. Through realistic service delivery and network configuration scenarios, students gain mastery of IP Service Activators' comprehensive feature set.
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Oracle Communications IP Service Activator 7.0: Developer

The IP Service Activator developer course provides in-depth instruction on how IP Service Activator's support for vendors and services can be extended using advanced XML technology. Students are guided through detailed conceptual and practical lessons in the use of the IP Service Activator sofware development kit (SDK).

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