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Oracle Communications Service Fulfillment - Learning Path

The Oracle Communications Service Fulfillment Learning Paths provide the training needed to support the service fulfillment process. These paths include training for various product areas such as Inventory Management, Service Activation, Order Management, and Network Mediation. Many learning paths include an introductory course for new users or users that need a refresher, as well as advanced courses for system administrators, implementation team members or developers. Review our recommended courses by product and select the courses based on the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

Oracle Communications Inventory Management solutions streamline, automate, and optimize the management of networks and services in complex traditional and next-generation environments. By offering full visibility into all service and technology assets across the enterprise, these solutions are uniquely designed to automate complex inventory management processes, support seamless network and service transformation, and enable the strategic customer relationship. Follow the learning path by product to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement these solutions.

Objectel is an inventory tracking application designed to help telecommunications and network engineers perform two major tasks: document the equipment used to provision data and voice communication and create facilities and assign customer circuits.

Oracle Communications Design Studio: Platform Basics

This course includes the fundamental concepts necessary for using Oracle Communications Design Studio. By the end of this tutorial, participants will understand the components of the Design Studio interface, how to define initial preferences, and how to package and build a cartridge.

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Oracle Communications Design Studio: Conceptual Modeling

This Oracle Communications Design Studio training teaches you how to design conceptual models, which are the foundation of the technical catalog used for the development of OSS solutions. Learn how to create conceptual models in Design Studio that define the solution scope in business meaningful terms and drive the design of cartridges for the OSS applications that participate in the solution.
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Oracle Communications Design Studio: Design Patterns

In this course, you learn to develop and use design patterns, which are powerful solution design automation wizards within the Design Studio integrated design environment. This course teaches you how to create design patterns in Design Studio that can be used by solution development teams to accelerate and increase the accuracy of the solution design process.
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Oracle Communications Network Integrity 7.1: Developer

This Network Integrity 7.1 course provides in-depth, hands-on experience extending Network Integrity's native functionality. In this course, you learn about cartridge-based extensibility, creating Network Integrity cartridges using Design Studio, using the Network Integrity APIs, and extending Network Integrity's support for BI Publisher-based reporting. By the end of this course, participants have the skills to create cartridges to discover network element data, import data from an inventory or other enterprise data storage system, and to compare the data points to produce and resolve discrepancies.

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