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Oracle Health Sciences Argus - Learning Path

The Oracle Health Sciences Argus Signal Learning Paths provide the courses needed to help end users or implementers work with the Argus applications. Complete the appropriate path to get the skills you need to work with the applications. Review our recommended courses by job role and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

The goal of the Oracle Argus Implementation learning path is to understand how to implement and configure the products included in Oracle Argus Standard Edition.

Argus Standard Edition Jumpstart – Online Course

his Argus Standard Edition Jumpstart training provides the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the user interface. Learn how to perform safety case processing using Argus Standard Edition 7.X and 8.x software.

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Argus Standard Edition Implementation Fundamentals

This Argus Standard Edition 8 Implementation Fundamentals training teaches you how to perform typical tasks associated with installation, upgrade, migration and configuration of Argus Safety Standard Edition. Learn through interactive instruction.

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