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Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Signal - Learning Path

The Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Signal Learning Paths provide the courses needed to help users work with the application. Review our recommended courses by job role and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

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This Ad Hoc Data Analyst learning path is for those users who need an overview of data mining and Empirica Signal, to review data mining results, and to create and run reports in Empirica Signal. Specifically, it provides users with the skills necessary to navigate in Empirica Signal, review data mining results, review case details, create and publish a case series, run reports and save output view graphs and drill down to detail data and create a saved list. The path also provides users with the skills necessary to run reports, save and publish report output, and create and publish report definitions, including line listings, summary reports and interactive reports.

Empirica Signal 8 Fundamentals

This Empirica Signal Fundamentals course provides users with a good introduction of the features and functions of the Empirica Signal risk management tool.

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Empirica Signal 8 Data Mining Results

This Empirica Signal Data Mining Results training teaches you how to interpret data mining run results in Empirica Signal.

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