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Oracle Retail Stores - Learning Path

The Oracle Retail Stores Learning Paths are designed to provide a curriculum plan to follow based on your training needs. Learning Paths are available for many of our Stores solutions. Whether you need an overview of the product or need to learn how the technical aspects of the solution, we have a curriculum plan for you. Select the appropriate path for details.

Store Inventory Management Path

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Path Detail

The Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) Learning Path provides information on the SIM processes such as performing an array of in-store operations to receive merchandise, managing physical inventories, conducting stock counts, ordering stock, or transferring stock, shipping and receiving, handling Direct store Delivery, and pricing and printing of labels and tickets through the use of Mobile Devices and PC's. These courses provide a great foundation for functional implementers, technical consultants, system administrators, and end users that need to increase their skills within these product areas.