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Oracle Virtualization - Learning Path

Oracle provide comprehensive virtualization technologies that cover both server and desktop virutalization. Oracle's training solutions give students the knowledge and skills they need to effectively implement and manage these technologies within the enterprise.

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Oracle provides efficient optimized server virtualization products which support x86 architectures. Oracle's Server Virtualization for x86 courses enable students to quickly maximize server utilization skills for this product.

Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration Ed 2

This Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration training teaches you how to build the infrastructure for open cloud computing. Learn to deploy pooled server resources to create virtual machines supporting enterprise applications.

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Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation Ed 2

The Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation course teaches you how to enhance cloud effectiveness with rapid deployment of cloud resources and applications. You will learn how to administer, troubleshoot and protect Oracle VM resources.

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