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PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management Functional Implementor - Learning Path

PeopleSoft CRM delivers best-in-class functionality that improves upon critical business processes. Regulatory, security, and performance needs are addressed through sustainable compliance. This suite of products also offers features for complying with legislation (such as the Patriot Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and the new federal regulations from Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Talent management enhancements drive end-to-end workforce development with tools that offer a single, consistent, enterprise-wide, integrated process. Dashboards providing key performance indicators enable insight-driven Supplier Relationship Management. PeopleSoft CRM also includes enhancements for higher education, staffing, financial services, and communications industries.

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Path Detail

The curriculum recommended for the PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management for Support Learning Path teaches the knowledge and skills you need to master participation in the implementation of the PeopleSoft CRM products.

CRM Fundamentals Rel 9.1

The CRM Fundamentals Rel 9.1 course will provide you with a solid grounding in the concepts and tasks you will need to work with many PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM applications. Much of the information you will learn will carry over into multiple applications--for example, you will learn to navigate and customize your interface, the basics on integration and configuration, and how to use 360-Degree Views, a powerful tool that helps you to manage and update information about the people (customers, workers, and students) in your system.

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CRM Automation and Configuration Rel 9.1

Learn how to automate your business processes and to configure component appearance and behavior using CRM automation and configuration capabilities. This course provides extensive hands-on activities to give you the practical skills needed to use automation and configuration tools to meet your organization's business needs.
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Support and HelpDesk Rel 9.1

This two-day course will prepare you for implementing the PeopleSoft Support and HelpDesk applications. You will learn how to set up and administer the system, as well as understand all the related functionality of the call center business processes.

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Online Marketing Rel 9.1

Learn how to use PeopleSoft 9.1 Online Marketing to plan, construct, and execute an online marketing campaign aimed at new or existing customers. This course provides the essential background to set up an automated campaign, including the creation of audience lists, email templates, surveys, web pages, and more.
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