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Higher Education (Campus Solutions) - Learning Path

Campus Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software specifically designed for the changing needs of higher education institutions. Oracle works closely with a wide variety of colleges and universities, standards bodies, higher education associations, and education industry leaders to develop and deliver the most responsive and comprehensive student administration and alumni development systems available today. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is the world's leading student system and alumni development solution for higher education and is being used at over 800 campuses in more than 20 countries. Oracle University has the most comprehensive and up-to-date courses on Campus Solutions.

To master Campus Solutions, take the courses offered by Oracle University on PeopleSoft Enterprise 9: Campus Solutions. These courses help you streamline and improve the speed and efficiency of campus operations. The PeopleSoft Enterprise 9: Campus Solutions learning path covers important aspects of campus operations. They teach you to implement, manage, and utilize the PeopleSoft Enterprise solutions to help educational institutions meet their niche requirements.

Path Detail

The recommended curriculum for the PeopleSoft Enterprise Enrollment and Students Records learning path teaches the knowledge and skills that you need to master in order to maintain student information from defining academic structure, student enrollment, backpack, record maintenance and incorporating the 3 Cs in the Campus solution Product suite.

Introduction to PS for Campus Solutions

This one-day course is the prerequisite course for all PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application classes, although versions of this course for other product lines are acceptable substitutes. In this course, participants learn central concepts of PeopleSoft applications. These concepts include practical skills such as navigation and personalization, and conceptual background information such as the use of control tables to enforce business rules. The course content and structure are similar to the Introduction for PeopleSoft courses for other product lines, but with an emphasis on how the common concepts are expressed in the Campus Solutions system.

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Academic Structure Rel 9.2

This two-day course introduces students to the overall academic structure requirements of PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions. From the highest to the lowest levels of academic structure, this course reviews the concept of setIDs, security, academic institutions, programs, plans, subplans, academic groups, calendars, and terms and sessions.
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Student Enrollment Rel 9.2

Participants learn about the enrollment process and the key elements that must be in place before students can enroll. The course includes information about setting up the course catalog, scheduling classes, dynamic dating, and enrolling students.

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Academic Records Maintenance Rel 9.2

This two-day course covers how to maintain a student's program, plan, and sub plan history, topics related to grading including processing final and midterm grades and grade lapsing, transcript setup and generation, and enrollment verification. Participants also learn how to set up the system for end-of-term activities such as checking for repeated courses, processing academic standing, and processing honors and awards.

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Transfer Credit Rel 9.2

This one-day course discusses the setup required to process transfer and test credit. Participants also learn how to process transfer, test, and other credit for students.

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3Cs - Communications, Checklists and Comments Rel 9.2

This two-day class presents information needed to set up, administer, and use the PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 3Cs -- communications, checklists, and comments. Participants learn how to set up 3C security for each of the C’s and how to manage 3Cs data including how to use the Communication Generation process and use the PeopleSoft 3C engine.

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BI Publisher for Campus Solutions

This BI Publisher for Campus Solutions training teaches you how to create custom BI Publisher templates to use in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions COMMGEN. Learn how to create templates, 3C report definitions & manage print & e-mail channels for delivery.

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