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PeopleSoft Campus Solutions - Learning Path

Campus Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software specifically designed for the changing needs of higher education institutions. Oracle works closely with a wide variety of colleges and universities, standards bodies, higher education associations, and education industry leaders to develop and deliver the most responsive and comprehensive student administration and alumni development systems available today. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is the world's leading student system and alumni development solution for higher education and is being used at over 800 campuses in more than 20 countries. Oracle University has the most comprehensive and up-to-date courses on Campus Solutions.

To master Campus Solutions, take the courses offered by Oracle University on PeopleSoft Enterprise 9: Campus Solutions. These courses help you streamline and improve the speed and efficiency of campus operations. The PeopleSoft Enterprise 9: Campus Solutions learning path covers important aspects of campus operations. They teach you to implement, manage, and utilize the PeopleSoft Enterprise solutions to help educational institutions meet their niche requirements.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Constituent
Relationship Management for Higher Education

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The curriculum recommended for the PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) path provides the knowledge and skills to help master key areas such as CRM fundamentals as well as student recruiting, student retention, order capture, Helpdesk for Human Resources, support, and CRM automation and configuration.

CRM Fundamentals Rel 9.1

The CRM Fundamentals Rel 9.1 course will provide you with a solid grounding in the concepts and tasks you will need to work with many PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM applications. Much of the information you will learn will carry over into multiple applications--for example, you will learn to navigate and customize your interface, the basics on integration and configuration, and how to use 360-Degree Views, a powerful tool that helps you to manage and update information about the people (customers, workers, and students) in your system.
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CRM Fundamentals for Higher Education Rel 9.1

In CRM Fundamentals for Higher Education, students will gain an overview of the CRM for Higher Education features, as well as a more detailed understanding of the setup, configuration, and integration tasks in the CRM and Campus Solutions databases that are necessary for both sides of the system to communicate and transfer information.

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Online Marketing Rel 9.1

Learn how to use PeopleSoft 9.1 Online Marketing to plan, construct, and execute an online marketing campaign aimed at new or existing customers. This course provides the essential background to set up an automated campaign, including the creation of audience lists, email templates, surveys, web pages, and more.
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Support and HelpDesk Rel 9.1

This two-day course will prepare you for implementing the PeopleSoft Support and HelpDesk applications. You will learn how to set up and administer the system, as well as understand all the related functionality of the call center business processes.

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