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PeopleSoft Financial Management - Learning Path

Information is the key to improved performance and sustainable compliance. The PeopleSoft Financial Management Learning paths are designed to support your implementation team. Whether you implementing Financial Management (FMS), Asset Liability Management (ALM), Services Automation (ESA), or Treasury, there is a curriculum plan to provide a foundation of expertise.

Path Detail

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) enables project-centric organizations and departments to establish core operational processes that support full project lifecycle management - across operations and finance. The learning path starts with an introductory course to ensure students master skills such as basic navigation and common functionality. This is followed by courses for specific applications and topics that you need for your implementation.

The learning path is geared towards new team members of existing implementations, as well as team members involved in new implementations. The 'PeopleSoft Financial Solutions 9.2 New Features' course is recommended for customers who are upgrading to Release 9.2 from a lower version of the product.

PeopleSoft Expenses Rel. 9.2

This PeopleSoft Expenses training discusses how to set up your Expenses system to reduce the time requried to enter, modify, submit, and approve expense reports, travel authorizations, cash advances, and time reports. Learn about the Expenses integration with other PeopleSoft products, such as Project Costing, and third-party data interfaces, such as airline ticket and corporate credit card feeds.
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PeopleSoft Contracts

The PeopleSoft Contracts course has been updated through update image 11. This course teaches you how to define the rules for creating and maintaining a contract. You'll explore the fundamental concepts and features of the PeopleSoft Contracts application.

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PeopleSoft Grants

This PeopleSoft Grants course teaches the fundamental concepts and features of the grants solution. Through lessons and hands-on activities, you'll develop the skills to implement and process grants in accordance with your business needs.

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PeopleSoft Project Costing Rel 9.2

Training for PeopleSoft Project Costing through Update Image 14 teaches you how to set up and maintain projects and access financial and operational insight into the heart of your project-centric operations. This course reviews tasks from setting up your system and creating transactions, to analyzing projects.

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PeopleSoft Financial Solutions New Features

This PeopleSoft Financial Solutions New Features Ed 3 training discusses the PeopleSoft Financials new features and enhancements through PeopleSoft 9.2 Update Image 11. Identify new functionality offered through PeopleSoft Update Manager and learn how new features address business needs.

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