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PeopleSoft Tools and Technology - Learning Path

The PeopleSoft PeopleTools learning paths provide curriculum plans tailored to strategic technical project roles, such as Business Analyst, Application Developer, Integration Specialist, Reporting Specialist, and the System and Database administrators. By taking the courses in their learning paths, the project team members will learn the PeopleTools skills necessary for successful fulfillment of their roles. Review the recommended courses by job role and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

The curriculum recommended for the PeopleSoft Business Analyst Project Team teaches the knowledge and skills you need to understand PeopleSoft’s system architecture and the tool set used to develop or customize PeopleSoft applications.

Business Analysts help decide how best to apply software applications to improve productivity in support of business activities. They examine and discuss existing business models and the flows of data in the business with their assigned business unit. Using a variety of technical and presentation tools, Business Analysts develop specifications and high-level design requirements for the new IT systems and communicate these to the application developer teams. Additionally, they may be involved in overseeing project implementation.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools I Rel 8.55

PeopleSoft training introduces you to the PeopleSoft application development methodology. Deep dive into the PeopleSoft system architecture and the tool set used to develop new applications or customize existing PeopleSoft applications.

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S PeopleTools 8.55 New Features and Capabilities Overview Ed 1

Investing in this course will help you take advantage of the valuable technology enhancements introduced in PeopleTools releases 8.55. Learning about these technology enhancements will help your organization increase productivity, drive organizational effectiveness, and lower the total cost of ownership.
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PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8.55

This PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8.55 training introduces you to the new PeopleSoft development paradigm for the Fluid User Interface. Explore conceptual information, tasks and techniques used to develop fluid applications.
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