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PeopleSoft Tools and Technology - Learning Path

The PeopleSoft PeopleTools learning paths provide curriculum plans tailored to strategic technical project roles, such as Business Analyst, Application Developer, Integration Specialist, Reporting Specialist, and the System and Database administrators. By taking the courses in their learning paths, the project team members will learn the PeopleTools skills necessary for successful fulfillment of their roles. Review the recommended courses by job role and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

The curriculum recommended for the PeopleSoft System Administration teaches the knowledge and skills you need to master the administration of your Enterprise system. The System Administrator is responsible for assessing the computer-related needs of the user community. System administrators assign user IDs, set up security access and network access, and set up workstations. Other responsibilities include establishing system schedules (such as online access "up times"), coordinating reporting needs and special batch execution, and ensuring that operational activities are performed (for example, that backups and other jobs were executed successfully). These individuals are knowledgeable about the client's LAN, WAN, and desktop configuration.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools Installation & Server Admin. Rel 8.53

This PeopleSoft PeopleTools Installation & Server Admin. Rel 8.53 training focuses on the installation, setup and initial configuration of Enterprise PeopleTools 8.53 and PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture (PIA). It's taught in a Microsoft Windows environment on the Oracle database platform.

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PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Rel 8.53

This PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Rel 8.53 training explores PeopleSoft databases, data management tools, updates & upgrades using PeopleTools 8.53 & above. Learn tools & methodology to manage dev, QA & production environments, while migrating data using Data Mover and Data Migration Workbench.

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PeopleSoft Update Manager Rel 8.54

This PeopleSoft Update Manager training teaches you how to maintain your PeopleSoft application 9.2 and above using PeopleSoft Update Manager. Learn to import and use the PeopleSoft Image to search and select updates to apply to your PeopleSoft application.

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PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management/Update Manager Accelerated Rel 8.54

This PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management/Update Manager Accelerated training teaches processes to upgrade and maintain your PeopleSoft applications. Learn how to use PeopleSoft lifecycle tools to keep your applications current and manage your customizations.

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