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PeopleSoft Human Capital Management - Learning Path

PeopleSoft Learning Paths are designed to provide a foundation of expertise to support your implementation team. Whether you need an overview of the core human resources product or need to learn how to manage payroll, benefits and performance, there is a curriculum plan for you. Learning paths are available for many of the strategic business functions in the product suite, including roles within Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Management, and Tools and Technology, and others. Review our recommended courses for implementation team members by functional area and select the courses for the products you wish to learn.

Path Detail

The PeopleSoft Human Resources learning path is designed to help your team identify the appropriate courses needed to develop the knowledge and skills to ensure a successful implementation that supports your organization's human resources processes. The path is geared towards new team members of existing implementations, as well as team members involved in new implementations. The 'PeopleSoft HCM Solutions 9.2 New Features' course is recommended for customers who are upgrading to Release 9.2 from a lower version of the product.

The learning path starts with an introductory course to ensure students master skills such as basic navigation and common functionality before advancing to courses for specific human resource applications. The path also includes a selection of accelerated courses, as well as advanced and specialized topics to help you continue to build your expertise.

Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2

The Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2 course has been updated through update image 15. It provides an overview of PeopleSoft basic concepts and how they are used in the Human Capital Management product family. It is a prerequisite for other HCM application classes.

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PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2

The PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 course has been updated through update image 15. This course gives you a solid foundation to implement PeopleSoft Human Resources for an organization. Through examples and activities, you'll learn how to set up of the core Human Resources foundation tables and maintain worker data in the system.

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PeopleSoft Base Benefits - U.S. Rel 9.2

The PeopleSoft Base Benefits training covers the activities and functions required to set-up and administer PeopleSoft Human Resources Base Benefits. You'll explore the structure and set-up of benefit plans, benefit programs and payroll deductions. This training is based on the PeopleSoft Human Resources Base Benefits Rel 9.2, HCM Update Image 15.

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Profile Management Rel 9.0 Self-Study Course

PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Rel 9.2

This PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Rel 9.2 training covers the creation and use of automated benefits programs. Learn to create eligibility and event rules, manage employee enrollment, process open enrollment, and perform ongoing event maintenance.

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S PeopleSoft HCM Security Overview

This PeopleSoft HCM Security Overview training through release 9.2 update image 18 provides an overview of security for PeopleSoft HCM. Students will be taught the basics of application security and reporting security.

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