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PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management - Learning Path

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides a cohesive yet flexible solution for the synchronized supply chain, driving efficiencies in cost savings over your entire supply chain—including your plan-to-produce, source-to-settle and order-to-cash business processes. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise SCM/SRM Functional Implementer Track Learning Path covers the fundamental and implementer concepts for key supply chain management modules, such as Purchasing, Inventory, and Procurement. This learning path has been prepared for functional implementers.

Path Detail

The curriculum recommended for the SCM/SRM Functional Implementer Track teaches the knowledge and skills you need to master PeopleSoft Enterprise. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are designed for the most complex business requirements. This learning path prepares you as a functional

PeopleSoft Purchasing Rel 9.2

Training for PeopleSoft Purchasing Rel 9.2 through Update Image 14 teaches you how to implement and manage the PeopleSoft Purchasing 9.2 application. Learn how to set up, create, approve, and source requisitions and process purchase orders using Purchasing.

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PeopleSoft Inventory Rel 9.2

This PeopleSoft Inventory Rel 9.2 Update Image 14 training explores the features of PeopleSoft Inventory, giving you a conceptual structure on which to base further learning. Get hands-on experience working with major system features, functions, and processes.

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PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2

This PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 training guides you through eProcurement processes. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore high-level details about the processes and important step and field-level information. This course has been updated through Update Image 14.

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PeopleSoft Purchasing/Inventory Accelerated Rel 9.2

Training for PeopleSoft Purchasing and PeopleSoft Inventory 9.2 through Update Image 14 guides you through the major features and conceptual structures of both applications. You receive hands-on experience working with features, functions, and processes, providing you with a base for further learning when you return to your business environment.

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PeopleSoft Purchasing/Payables Accelerated Rel 9.2

The PeopleSoft Purchasing and Payables Accelerated Release 9.2 course has been updated through update image 14. This course teaches you about both applications. Learn to create and source requisitions, run purchase order calculations, and more.

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PeopleSoft Billing Rel 9.2

This PeopleSoft Billing Rel 9.2 training teaches you to use PeopleSoft Billing to customize, calculate and submit invoices in multiple currencies and languages. Learn to manage bill cycles and streamline processes, creating a billing system that reflects the way you do business.

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S PeopleSoft Supply Chain Solutions New Features Ed 2

This New Features course discusses the PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management new features and enhancements through PeopleSoft 9.2 Update Image 11. Identify new functionality offered through PeopleSoft Update Manager and learn how the new features address business needs.
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