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Siebel Customer Relationship Management - Learning Path

All Siebel applications share a common application architecture regardless of the software components you are implementing. The Siebel Foundation Learning Paths are designed provide you with the technical details of all the technology that is consistent across Siebel applications, enabling you to form a foundation of Siebel expertise that can be applied to any Siebel application you implement.

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The curriculum recommended for the Siebel 8.0 Customer Order Management Learning Path teaches the knowledge and skills you need to master products, pricing, contracts, quotes, and orders.

Siebel Fundamentals Rel 15.5

Siebel Fundamentals class covers important Siebel application functionality. After students become familiar with navigating and working with data in the Siebel user interface, they learn about the business logic and key business entities at the heart of Siebel CRM applications. Students explore the defining features of Siebel applications, such as Siebel Sales and Siebel Call Center. Students explore capabilities such as iHelp, Inbox, reports, Audit Trail, Search, and administration. The course concludes with an overview of implementing a Siebel application, including a discussion of recommended implementation practices. The course is appropriate for customers on Siebel 15.x and Siebel 8.x. Hands-on activities are performed using Open UI.

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Siebel Application Administration 15.5

This Siebel Application Administration 15.5 teaches you how to perform initial and ongoing Siebel CRM application administration. Topics include navigation, access control, and administration of many areas, including, but not limited to, literature, lists of values, quick fill templates, predefined queries, activity templates, assessment templates, Siebel iHelp, approvals, the inbox, reports, state models, and audit trails.

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Siebel BI Publisher Reports Rel 15.5

This Siebel BI Publisher Reports training teaches you how to modify existing reports, create a variety of new reports, and make the reports available to Siebel clients. You'll learn how to use BI Publisher Server to generate reports and the BI Publisher Desktop to create and modify report templates.

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