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Taleo Enterprise Edition - Learning Path

Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service is a leading cloud-based talent management solution that helps organizations attract, develop, motivate and retain human capital to improve performance and drive growth.

The Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service learning paths display the recommended sequence of courses that provide the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively set up, configure, manage and use your Taleo applications. Paths are available for system administrators, end users, configuration consultants, and reporting specialists.

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Path Detail

The System Administrator learning path provides the training your team needs to leverage Taleo Performance. You'll learn the essential configuration tasks. This path includes the Taleo Enterprise Edition Library Training On Demand subscription, which gives you unlimited access to self-study eLearning offerings in Performance, Recruiting and Onboarding/Transitions.

Taleo (TEE): Performance System Administration (TP-SA201)

This Taleo Performance training teaches System Administrators how to configure Taleo Performance modules. Learn to use goals management, performance reviews, succession planning, development and career planning & more.

This course is appropriate for Oracle Cloud deployments.

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