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Oracle Marketing Cloud Education

Testing and Optimization

Skills and Best Practices for Oracle Maxymiser (OTO)

OTO Training and Delivery
A successful optimization program hinges on the ability to generate quality hypotheses, test ideas and to understand how to use technology to answers those questions. Oracle Maxymiser courses enable your business to take charge of your optimization strategies by placing leading capabilities inside your marketing and technical operations.  
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Education To Meet Your Needs  
Individuals can gain access to the Oracle Maxymiser course offerings by purchasing the Oracle Maxymiser Learning Subscription or by purchasing individual training courses through the Oracle University sales team. With an Oracle Maxymiser Learning Subscription you can choose from two learning subscription options: one that includes live virtual classes plus digital training, or one with digital only training

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OTO Master Accreditation

The OTO Master accreditation recognizes a student’s proficiency in the fundamental concepts and best practices of Oracle Maxymiser. Achieve this title by passing the current year’s OTO Master exam. Taking relevant training increases your chances of passing this exam. Preview the Maxymiser Cloud Learning Subscription now..

OTO Courses

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