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Oracle Learning Subscription

Oracle Eloqua (B2B) Education Pass – Live Virtual (LVC) & Digital Courses

The Oracle Eloqua (B2B) Education Pass is a complete solution for marketing professionals seeking training on Oracle Eloqua. The education pass offers training courses that cover the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Eloqua, as well as modern marketing best practices and how to apply them.

The B2B education pass lets you choose how you want to learn: take onDemand video courses, 24/7, or take courses in a live virtual classroom in real-time. Choose the training that interests you to build expertise. You can also choose to follow sequential learning paths containing multiple courses to get accredited as a B2B Master and B2B Luminary, at no extra cost. Learn your way, on your schedule to become a modern marketer.

Program Details
Training Included:

Getting Started with Oracle Eloqua

Learn about the fundamentals of Oracle Eloqua and best practices of Revenue Performance Management (RPM). This training and a single exam are required to be accredited as a B2B Master.

Modern Marketing Best Practices

Refine your marketing processes and deliver more effective campaigns. These courses are recommended for all marketers. No Oracle Eloqua product knowledge is required.

Advanced B2B Training

Gain proficiency in the five tenets of Modern Marketing and learn to define and implement advanced strategies in Oracle Eloqua. Students working toward the B2B Luminary title should first complete the B2B Master title. The B2B Luminary accreditation requirements include the courses below, a passing grade on the B2B Luminary exam and additional accreditation activities provided upon passing the exam.

  • B2B: Engagement
    Fueling value-based interactions and content delivery methods.
  • B2B: Targeting
    Focusing campaigns driven by data to know, segment, and refine your prospects.
  • B2B: Conversion
    Aligning marketing and sales processes to maximize conversion rates and revenue.
  • B2B: Analysis
    Refining strategies and developing repeatable processes for success.
  • B2B: Technology
    Establishing a system of record with tools and systems that streamline tasks.

B2B: Supplementary Learning

Additional web-based training (WBT) to introduce specific skills and B2B strategies. These courses are not currently required for any accreditation.

QuickCast Courses

Make the most of your limited time with these compact self-paced training packages.

Who this education pass is for:
  • Marketing Professionals
With this education pass you’ll learn how to:
  • Get started using Eloqua and become familiar with its capabilities
  • Tactically plan a Campaign and map out the Campaign strategy, determine best practices for Campaign execution, and leverage Campaign automation
  • Build segment components and combine components for precise targeting
  • Create and manage sophisticated, personalized, and trackable emails in Eloqua
  • Create a form that captures and processes data, and create an associated landing page to host that form
  • Execute single and multi-touch email campaigns, build a workflow, and configure assets
  • Set up a Lead Scoring model, segment based on lead scores, and integrate the lead scores with your CRM
  • Create single and multi-session events, merge session details into emails, and set up automated reminders and post event communications
  • Leverage targeted communications to accelerate conversion through the buying stages
  • Use Eloqua to capture and report on visitors to an Eloqua tracked website
  • Extend the Out-of-Box Eloqua subscription management functionality to provide more complex preference management solutions
  • Install and configure various social suite apps and connectors in order to enrich contact data, extend reach beyond the immediate audience, and increase conversion
  • Optimize lead quality and manage the funnel
  • Leverage best practices for email deliverability, gain more knowledge around proper permission practices, and learn strategies to increase engagement