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Oracle Learning Subscription

Oracle Content Marketing (OCM) Education Pass – Live Virtual (LVC) & Digital Courses

The Oracle Content Marketing (OCM) Education Pass offers access to training for the OCM Platform.

Training courses are designed to help marketers develop a strategic configuration plan and use the OCM platform to produce and manage content for effective content marketing campaigns. Courses outline the fundamentals of using the OCM solution, advanced concepts, and modern marketing best practices. Also included are a series of short videos designed to help you build your content marketing skill set.

The OCM Education Pass gives you the option to take courses via Live Virtual Classes (LVC) or view the onDemand video versions of live virtual training. This Education Pass also provides interactive web-based courses. Choose to follow a learning path to earn the OCM Master accreditation, at no extra cost, or opt to take available courses in any order to reach your training goals.

Program Details
Training Included:

Getting Started With the Oracle Content Marketing (OCM) Platform

Learn about the configuration process for and the fundamentals of the OCM platform. The OCM Fundamentals courses are part of the requirements for the OCM Master accreditation.

Advanced Courses

Gain advanced skills to elevate your content production, management and promotion for effective long-term strategies.

Modern Marketing Best Practices

Review and put into practice the latest industry guidelines for effective modern marketing campaigns. Courses are recommended for all marketers.

QuickCast Courses

View short videos focused on OCM education, including integrations with other platforms, to add to your content marketing skill set.

Who This Education Pass Is For:
  • Marketing Professionals
With This Education Pass You’ll Learn How To:
  • Strategically implement the OCM platform
  • Explore best practices for planning the configuration of OCM
  • Understand the foundational knowledge for the initial configuration and strategic approach to OCM
  • Employ the best technologies to streamline content production
  • Use the OCM platform to increase success in creating, publishing and promoting strategic content
  • Create content strategies to target the right customer, at the right time, on the right channel, with the right message
  • Analyze your content’s performance using OCM to make results-driven decisions
  • Integrate the OCM platform with other key platforms and applications for maximum strategic results