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Oracle Learning Subscription

Oracle Maxymiser (OTO) Education Pass – Live Virtual (LVC) & Digital Courses

The Oracle Maxymiser (OTO) Education Pass offers access to training for the OTO testing and optimization solution for marketers.

OTO training courses enable businesses to implement digital optimization strategies by placing leading capabilities inside marketing and technical operations. Courses help both business and technical professionals to create, maintain and measure the impact of A/B and multivariate testing (MVT) campaigns using Visual Campaign Builder (VCB) and the Maxymiser UI. Professionals, who are experienced in coding JavaScript, HTML and CSS, will learn to deploy conversion optimization roadmaps. This Education Pass also provides training in modern marketing best practices and short videos designed to build your marketing skill set.

The OTO Education Pass gives you the option to take courses via Live Virtual Classes (LVC) or to view the onDemand video versions of the course. Interactive web-based courses are also provided. You can take the available courses in any order to reach your training goals.

Program Details
Training Included

OTO Business

Courses for business professionals introduce the principles and methods of campaign design for building and publishing campaigns.

OTO Technical

In-depth training for technical professionals covers building and configuring test campaigns, defining and coding actions for measuring campaign success, and publishing.

Modern Marketing Best Practices

Review and put into practice the latest industry guidelines for effective modern marketing campaigns. Courses are recommended for all marketers.

QuickCast Courses

View short videos focused on OTO education to add to your testing and optimization skill set.

Who This Education Pass Is For:
  • Marketing Professionals
With This Education Pass You’ll Learn How To:
  • Define key testing terminology and decide on appropriate campaign methods
  • Translate business needs and questions into testable hypotheses
  • Design A/B and MVT campaigns
  • Build, QA, and publish A/B and MVT campaigns using VCB
  • Navigate key areas of the Maxymiser Administrator UI
  • Interpret standard reports and use report filtering to gain customer insight
  • Understand how Maxymiser interacts with your website
  • Create campaign-specific and re-usable objects and scripts
  • Create URL-based and JavaScript-triggered actions
  • Conduct QA on campaigns using the QA tool
  • Publish campaigns in the Publish Center