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Oracle User Adoption Services Offerings

Oracle University provides services that are designed for the specific demands of each phase of your application implementation.

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  Business Alignment

Success in adopting new technology depends as much on following clear objectives and plans as it does on deploying the technology itself. To ensure that executives and senior management agree on the strategic objectives of the implementation, User Adoption Services help you achieve the following:

  • Align executives and senior management around clear project objectives
  • Create a change strategy for the project
  • Define business and performance metrics
  • Develop an activation plan for performance,training, communication, and reinforcement strategies


With the implementation of new technology, users need to be prepared to use it efficiently and effectively. Educating users is therefore a critical component in achieving your strategic objectives. User Adoption Services help you do the following to develop your employees' competencies:

  • Assess training requirements
  • Prepare executives and managers to help direct reports effectively and efficiently execute daily activities
  • Provide job-role and process-oriented training to managers and end users
  • Prepare support teams to help all users
  • Validate acquired knowledge and skills


How well do your employees understand why new technology is necessary and how it will affect their daily jobs? User Adoption Services focus on planning and providing information before, during, and after the project launch to do the following:

  • Raise awareness about the change in technology and process
  • Deliver a consistent key message
  • Inform the affected target audiences
  • Manage and overcome resistance

  Performance and Measurement

Clearly defined metrics are crucial to managing the progress and gauging the success of a technology implementation. User Adoption Services help you do the following to ensure that you can track and validate your implementation:

  • Translate the company strategy into measurable and achievable objectives for each department and job role
  • Define leading and lagging key performance indicators that enable measurement of strategic objectives
  • Support the implementation team in designing required reports
  • Optimize and review management processes to measure performance


The biggest challenge after launching new technology is obtaining sustainable results and integrating long-term changes into your organization. Different types of support—all focusing on enabling users to adapt to change and integrate it in their daily routines—are available with User Adoption Services to do the following:

  • Develop and execute short-term support (such as onsite assistance, help desks, coaching, and communication)
  • Create and deliver ongoing communication messages
  • Develop and execute long-term support (such as online help, center of excellence, new-hire training, and reinforcement communication and training)

  Project Team Technical and Functional Training

User Adoption Services also provides training for those leaders and managers who will play a crucial role in the definition and user-acceptance phases. Project Team training is delivered to:

  • IT managers who are responsible for the technical configuration and customization of an Oracle application
  • Key users and managers from the business who are part of the implementation team and need to provide business and business process information to the technical project team members

To learn how Oracle User Adoption Services can benefit your organization, call or e-mail your Oracle Education Representative today.