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Customer Testimonials

Tell your Oracle Certification success story!

NEC Corporation, Japan
"NEC encourages its employees to become Oracle Certified Professionals. Additionally, new employees at NEC must complete Oracle University's Introduction to Oracle/SQL class." - Kiichi Tomono, Assistant Manager

Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., Japan
"Oracle Certification is an objective assessment of my technical skills and is an asset when I work with my clients who are all very knowledgeable on Oracle Technology." - Takao Hoshino, Associate Consultant

Cathay Pacific Airways
"I was able to enrich my knowledge and skill through preparation for the OCP exams and also found that the exams were reflective of the skill level needed to succeed in today's intense marketplace." - Ivan Chan

ePatterns, Pakistan
"Earning OCP has increased my knowledge, giving me an upper edge over my coworkers, and my chances for getting a promotion have also increased." - Certified Professional: Murtaza Ali

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
"I earned my Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in order to increase my employability in the market. OCP certification has helped my career and my employer, Hong Kong Baptist University. Practice makes perfect, I suggest candidates read material, do labs and work on self test before taking exams." - Certified Professional: Steven Chan

Lancord Trading Company, Russia
"Certification has helped my career, simply because I have more perspectives, more possibilities, and I'm looked upon by my peers as someone who has the knowledge and skills to do the job right." - Sergey Demidenko

Northrup Grumman, Canada
"I am a firm believer of certification as a demonstration of professionalism and competency and have worked hard to attain my credentials to show my personal commitment in a rapidly changing and expanding industry. I have earned the Oracle Certified Professional designation for Oracle 8, Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i and have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the Oracle database and tools through a variety of Oracle University (OU) training formats. I have had extremely positive experiences at all OU courses that I've attended, both in person and online. The knowledge I gained from Oracle University has helped me advance in my career." - Lem Murphy

Octopus Cards Ltd., Hong Kong
"Certainly OCP certification has helped me to better understand Oracle in practice as well as to as well as better communicate with the DBAs and developers I manage. Our company places much emphasis on training. Certification issued by a well known organization is a good benchmark of knowledge exposure and personally, when making hiring decisions, I will prefer to select the candidates with suitable certification if there are more than one candidate to choose from. This allows better communication within my team of DBAs and Developers." - Certified Professional: Johnny Choi

Pacific Application Development Services, Inc.
"Oracle University training was critical in enabling me to learn the details necessary to use Oracle products....After this training, I was able to pass the Oracle DBA certification with flying colors." - Wlademar Talen, Vice President

Quovera Corporation
"Certification gives Quovera a competitive edge with our clients and allows individuals to expand their horizons. It allows them to focus on particular technologies and become experts." - Peter Koletzke, Technical Director

State Bank Of India, India
"I decided to become OCP certified because I wanted it to make my career better, and expected that it will be beneficial in future. My employer has a policy to encourage people for OCP. My advice is to GO for certification as it will be very beneficial for the people who want to make a career as an Oracle DBA or Developer." - Certified Professional: Rajesh Kapoor