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  • 研修内容・時期・実施場所、実施日数など、さまざまなご要望に応じてカスタマイズした研修を提供します。
  • 新規プロジェクトを迅速に立ち上げたい場合や、短期間に新しいOracle製品技術を学ばせたい場合、多くの社員にORACLE MASTER認定資格を取得させたい場合などにおいて、お客様の目的に合わせて、最適な研修カリキュラムを提供します。









R12.x Oracle Implement Configurator Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Phil Cannon

"The best instructor that I have had in a very long time. Hope you value him."

"Phil was fantastic. I wish he could do all of our trainings."

"Was very pleasant."

R12.1 Oracle Product Information Management Fundamentals Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Itzik Pripstein

"Itzik was amazing! He was so helpful in not just talking about the product, but weaving in tips about an ERP implementation. He was fantastic! I wish we could have him give all of our trainings!"

"Itzik was outstanding!"

R12 Oracle Purchasing / Payables Accelerated Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Juan Torres

"Juan was great! A very capable and assured instructor. While not all sessions were relevant to my particular needs, Juan did a great job drawing out the connections between portions of the software. A very good job. Well thought out and Juan did a great job 'adjusting' the schedule to meet the demands of class members."

"The instructor was exceptional because it was two five-day courses combined into five days. He not only covered all the material utilizing a high level overview; he provided an excellent basic understanding of the concepts not used. He moved on to provide an in-depth discussion of the concepts that directly impacted the students' respective responsibilities."

PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Rel. 9.1 Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Christine Polo

"Chris, as always you provided a great learning environment! Thank you so much!"

"Excellent instructor, handled the class very well and made sure she connected with all students."

Instuctor: Phil Cannon

"It was a great session from Philip. He was very accommodating in the class to include the advanced features which were not in the course. We thank him."

R12.1 Oracle Product Information Management Fundamentals Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Itzik Pripstein

"Itzik was very good, professional and I would attend other classes with him being the instructor."

"Good job explaining the concepts."

R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Building OA Framework Applications Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Phil Cannon

"Excellent job ... well done! Thanks Phillip."

"Great class! Instructor was very helpful and class information was very good."

PeopleSoft Payroll - US Rel 9.1 Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Christine Polo

"Chris is very knowledgeable and is a very polite and patient person ... I like her a lot as an instructor and a person."

Intro to PeopleSoft/HR/Benefits Accelerated - US Rel 9.1 Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Christine Polo

"Christine was responsive to the needs of the group. The experience level of the participants varied quite a bit which made it challenging. It would be very nice if the classes could be tailored more to specific issues that we have, but this was a very good overview of how the system should be set up/configured."

Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards Ed 2 LVC PRV

Instuctor: Phil Scott

"The instructor did a great job of making sure that the whole class was in sync with the information as it being presented. He was open to and did a good job of addressing questions."

R12.x Oracle Financials Functional Foundation Ed 1 PRV

Instuctor: Richard Yau

"Great job Richard!"

"Richard Yau was very personable and helpful throughout the course."