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Oracle Certification Exam Results Now Available Only From CertView

On November 15, 2012, Oracle's candidate certification portal, CertView, will give you access to your exam results. Upon completing an exam, you will be directed to log into CertView to view and print your exam results. Exam results are not available from the test center at the time of testing. CertView has been enhanced so you can access all certification and exam history in one place. These enhancements provide on demand access to Oracle Certification Logos, as well as requests from third parties for Oracle authorized verification of Certification(s). CertView is now the single source of truth for all candidate certification records. This allows for tighter integration when you interact with Oracle.

Recommended Actions:

If you’ve never logged into CertView, you must authenticate your CertView account BEFORE taking your next exam. This will ensure timely access to exam results.

To access CertView, you must have a Pearson VUE web account and an Oracle Web Account. If you have previously authenticated your CertView account, you can log in and access the CertView homepage here.

Questions Answered:

How do I access my exam results and print my score report?
Candidates who have new exam results available will log onto CertView and select the menu option, See My New Exam Results Now. Candidates will click on this link to access their score reports. There is also an option to print once you have accessed your score report.

When will my exam results be available?
The candidate will receive an email alert from Oracle when their results are available. We estimate that candidates will be able to log onto CertView and view their new exam results within 60 minutes after completing their exam.

Why are you having candidates access CertView for their exam results?
There are several reasons for this process change. One of the main reasons is to have Oracle be the “source of truth” for all things related to your certification. All certification details will now reside under one login. Finally, these improvements also streamline the CertView Authentication process.

How will I know when my exam results are available?
Oracle will email the candidate when the results have been received using the candidate email address on record in their PearsonVUE profile.

Can I get my exam results from the PearsonVUE testing center or the Pearson VUE 800#?
No, Pearson VUE and Pearson VUE testing centers are no longer authorized to provide this information.

Why can't I access my exam results from the PearsonVUE Testing Center anymore?
The Oracle Certification Program has consolidated access to all candidate certification data, including exam score results from the Oracle Certification Program portal, CertView. Candidates will log onto CertView to view their results. Exam results will not be presented at the time of test

We typically do not manually review the results of an entire exam without a very compelling reason. Pearson VUE delivers hundreds of exams each week for us. If there were scoring issues with a particular exam, that required a manual rescore, the issue would be wide-spread.

Whom should I contact if my results are not updated in CertView after I receive the alert email from Oracle?
In order for you to receive an email alert from Oracle, your results will be in CertView. However, if there is an access issue, please contact Oracle Certification Support.

What should I do if I do not receive an email and my exam results are not in CertView?
The first thing that you should do is check your Pearson VUE account to ensure that all of your personal information is correct. Then you should ensure that you have no more than one Oracle Testing ID. This is the most common issue with exam and certification information “missing” from CertView – candidates have multiple Oracle Testing IDs. If you have multiple testing IDs, please contact Pearson VUE to have the IDs merged at pearsonvue.com/oracle/idmerge.

If none of these issues are the case, please contact Oracle Certification Support.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about CertView?
You can direct any questions about CertView, or your Oracle Certifications to Oracle Certification Support.

How do I change the email address Oracle used to contact me about my results?
If you need to update any of your personal information in CertView, you will