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Oracle Big Data Training

Discover Oracle University's Big Data Training Offerings

Across all businesses, big data helps you analyze more accurately, make more confident decisions and realize better operational efficiencies. Oracle's Big Data solutions decrease costs and reduce risk.

Enrolling in Oracle's complete Big Data and Business Analytics training helps your staff develop the skills to deliver revolutionary insights to your business.
  • Choose from a wide variety of Big Data or Business Analytics courses that match your job role.
  • Expert Oracle University instructors will help you gain specialized expertise.
  • Take Big Data and Business Analytic courses to solidify your skills through hands-on labs and demonstrations.

Oracle's Big Data Training

Big Data

Making the most of big data means quickly analyzing a high volume of data generated in many different formats. Oracle University training teaches you how to acquire and organize diverse data sources. Learn to analyze these data sources alongside existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships. Training is designed for database administrators and developers.

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Related Training

Improve user adoption and efficiency with related training for Oracle's Big Data Solutions. Explore how this training can promote insight-driven innovation in your organization.


Oracle Engineered Systems training skills can help you optimize the speed the deployment, increase performance, and reduce the risk of your big data , NoSQL, and Hadoop projects.

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Data Management

Oracle big data management training skills will help you speed the capture and use of data to both run and change your business.

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Big Data Analytics

Oracle big data analytics training skills can help you discover and explore new data, analyze it in place to minimize data movement, and offer new insight to decision makers.

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New Big Data Oracle Learning Subscription

The New Big Data Oracle Learning Subscriptions is available for database administrators interested in subscribing to this technology area and benefiting from content available 24x7, videos and demonstrations form Oracle experts. Preview the following subscription now:

Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription