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Training Guide
Oracle Commerce, ATG Web Commerce, and Endeca Commerce

With the recent availability of Oracle Commerce Release 11, Oracle has made strategic headway toward unifying and enhancing the leading commerce, content, and experience technologies on the market (ATG Web Commerce and Oracle Endeca Commerce).

Whether you are using Oracle Commerce 11, ATG Web Commerce, or Oracle Endeca Commerce, training is available to meet your needs. The purpose of this document is to help you identify the correct training for your team based on the specific release level of your implementation. For Oracle Commerce 11 customers this may be a combination of new courses, along with existing ATG or Endeca classes depending upon your situation. The following is intended to help you identify the training that's right for you.

Oracle Commerce 11 Training

Training built specifically for Oracle Commerce 11 will continue to become available over the coming months. However, since Oracle Commerce combines ATG Web Commerce and Oracle Endeca Commerce with key enhancements, select courses from the existing Oracle ATG Web Commerce and Endeca Web Commerce curriculum also apply to Oracle Commerce Rel 11 customers.

The following is intended to identify the applicable courses to begin your training for your Oracle Commerce 11 implementation or upgrade.

Oracle Commerce 11 has four main product areas: Platform, Experience Manager, Merchandising and Commerce Service Center. The training courses applicable to each product area are outlined below. Keep in mind that some courses listed may have been developed on earlier releases of ATG or Endeca Commerce software. The content, however, is relevant for Oracle Commerce 11 customers.

Oracle Commerce 11 Training Guide
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ATG Web Commerce and Oracle Endeca Commerce Training

ATG and Endeca Training Guide
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