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Recertification Requirement

What this new policy means for you
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Upgrade Options Requirement and Process Key Terminology Policy Questions

Earning an Oracle certification is a well-respected achievement.

Sharpening and building upon your expertise earned through the Oracle Certification process is essential in a competitive, continuously evolving job market.

As products age and are removed from Oracle standard support maintenance, the technology becomes less relevant, devaluing the associated credential(s).

Get an Insider’s Perspective on Recertification

Recertification is widely recognized in the IT industry and beyond as an important indicator of continuing professional growth.


The Oracle Database Administration Certification is designed to validate your abilities and demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

Our new policy requires you as an Oracle Database certification holder to demonstrate your knowledge with the most recent trends, techniques and best practices in Oracle Database technology.


Get recertified to increase the value of your certification.

Oracle maintains a certification program committed to helping you achieve your career goals.

Requiring recertification for database administrators strengthens the program and increases the value of your certification(s).

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