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Recertification Policy Questions

What this new policy means for you
and how we're here to help.

How does this recertification requirement affect me?

Why is Oracle making this policy change?

Recertification is a common and respected practice in the IT industry. Technology changes quickly and your skills need to keep up with rapid changes.

Updating your Oracle Database skills and knowledge is as important as obtaining your initial certification .

The business and technical communities expect the highest level of skill and commitment from Oracle Certified professionals. This Recertification Policy for the DBA program was implemented to ensure you meet these industry expectations.

When does the new requirement go into effect?

The recertification requirement for Certified Oracle Database Administrators goes into effect November 01, 2014.

If you hold an Oracle Database certification earlier than Oracle Database 10g, you will have one year to upgrade to maintain an active status and continue to enjoy the benefits of certification.

NOTE: we recommend upgrading to Oracle Database 11g or later; 10g certifications retire on March 01, 2015 and will become inactive one year later, March 01, 2016.

What exactly do I need to do and by when?

View the upgrade options sorted by your latest Oracle Database certification

Why don't the Specialist certifications fulfill the recertification requirement?

Specialist certifications are focused on sales and implementation. They may not sufficiently cover the duties of an Oracle Database Administrator, or the duties of an Oracle Certified Expert job role that's dependent on the skills and knowledge of an Oracle Database Administrator.

What are the benefits of upgrading my certification and remaining active?

Maintaining an active credential in a current product version keeps your knowledge and skills up-to-date and indicates to employers you're proficient in the latest Oracle Database technology releases. Keeping your certification active also validates your commitment and dedication.

Keeping your credentials in an active status allows you to maintain access to the Oracle Certification benefits for your Oracle Database credential(s).

Why does this only affect Oracle Certified Database Administrators?

At this time, the requirement is limited to Oracle's Database credentials because this is our largest certification audience and the Oracle Database credentials have several versions going back many years. These credentials are more likely to have more individuals still certified only on very old product versions than any other area of Oracle Certification.

It is crucial for you to update your skills and maintain your credentials in today's competitive database administrator market.

It is also important to Oracle to have qualified people implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting our software. This benefits you, Oracle customers, Oracle Partners, Oracle Support and Oracle as a company.

We will evaluate each certification on its own merits for inclusion in this requirement.

Will all Oracle certifications eventually require recertification?

This is currently under discussion. Each certification will be evaluated separately to determine if recertification is necessary.

Which certifications will become inactive by November 01, 2015?

  • Oracle7.3 Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8 Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8 Database Operator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8i Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle8i Database Operator Certified Professional
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional - Special Accreditation: Managing Oracle9i on Linux
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master

The Oracle Database 10g credentials will remain active until March 01, 2016.

If I hold multiple retired credentials, do I need to upgrade all of them to remain active?

You only need to upgrade to one current certification to remain active.

For example, if you hold an Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Associate, Professional and Master, you only need to earn one Oracle Database 11g or 12c certification at the Associate, Professional or Master level to maintain all of your Oracle9i Database Certifications in active status.

Expert certifications can be maintained in two ways, either by earning a later certification at the Associate, Professional or Master level, OR by earning the later corresponding Expert certification, if available.

If you upgrade your Expert certification to a current version, this only keeps your Expert certification active.

Do I have to upgrade to the same level of certification?

You do not have to upgrade to the same level of certification.

As long as you upgrade to a related Associate, Professional or Master credential on a current version, your Oracle Database certifications will remain active. For example, if you hold a Master certification in Oracle9i Database, simply upgrade your Oracle Certified Professional credential to Oracle Database 11g or Oracle Database 12c and your earlier Master certification will remain active.

If you hold a retired Expert credential, upgrading to a later version of that Expert credential will keep only the earlier Expert credential(s) active.

What happens if I allow my credential to become inactive?
Can I follow an upgrade path and be reactivated, or do I need to start over?

If you allow your credential to become inactive, simply upgrade to a current credential. Once you have upgraded, your inactive certifications will be restored to active status.

While you do not need to start over with the next version of OCA certification, if you decide that starting over is the best certification path for you, remember you do not need to complete a training requirement if you hold an earlier version of a DBA OCP certification.

You should carefully review the upgrade requirements for your selected path. Typically there is no course requirement to upgrade an OCP or OCM credential. Candidates upgrading from OCA directly to OCP are subject to the course requirement of the OCP credential they are upgrading to.

Oracle has stated that certification is permanent. This seems to go against that policy.

Periodically we review policies for relevancy. As our program endures and grows, business practices and policies change and expand to maintain a program that is valuable to candidates as well as hiring managers. This is a policy change that helps maintain the integrity of our certification program and the value of your certification.

What do the statuses of my certifications in CertView mean?

Active: no action is required. All your certifications are active.

On Notice: Your latest version of an Oracle Database credential has retired and an email has been sent to the email address in your Pearson VUE profile that you have 12 months to upgrade to a current certification to keep the certification active. Your credential will remain in 'On Notice' status until the credential becomes inactive, or until you upgrade to a current certification.

Inactive: Your credential has retired and it has been more than 12 months from the date it retired. Your credential will remain in 'Inactive' status until you upgrade your certification to a current version.

I have passed all my exams and have completed the required training, but I did not complete the course submission
form before the credential retired. Do I have to start over?

You will have 6 months from a credential's retirement date to complete the course submission form and receive the certification.

You must have passed all exams prior to the retirement date. After the 6-month grace period, , if you still have not completed the course submission form you will be required to start over.

Can I still request my printed copy of my certificate even if my certification is Inactive?

You will not be able to receive a printed copy of a certificate for an inactive credential.

Once you upgrade to a current version of Oracle Database certification, your previous versions of certification will become active again and you will be able to download ecertificates and request printed copies of the certificate at that time.