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Oracle Technical Support

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7 or 8

Note: Other Operating Systems (Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS)
can be used but might be limited in compatibility


Google Chrome, version 20 or higher
Mozilla Firefox, version 15 or higher
Apple Safari, version 6 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9 or higher

Browser Settings

Javascript, Cookies, and ActiveX should be enabled

Connection Speed

256 kbps or highr (512 Kbps or higher recommended for viewing streaming media content)

Audio Conferencing

Dial-In - Telephone headset or speakerphone
VoIP - Integrated headset and microphone

Display Resolution

1024 x 768 screen resolution for optimal viewing

Plugins and other Recommended Software

Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment(JRE)
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash
RealOne Player/Real Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Macromedia Authorware Web Player
Interwise Participant Application
Tiger VNC