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Opening Ceremony Establishes a Collaborative Effort between Xi’an Peihua University and Oracle WDP

The opening ceremony, which marked the establishment of a collaborative effort between Xi’an Peihua University and the Oracle WDP Program, was held in the Auditorium Room in Mingde Building at 3 p.m. on May 25th, 2016. The plate-hanging ceremony began with the solemn Song of Peihua. Attending guests included Haifeng Qin, Director of Xi’an Peihua University’s Industry-Education-Research Innovation Center and College President Assistant; Guojian Cheng, Dean of ZTE Telecommunications College; Lijun Shi, Administrative Deputy Dean of ZTE Telecommunications College and Secretary of CPC; Gang Wang, Assistant to the Dean of ZTE Telecommunications College and Bikun Guo, Northern District Manager of Oracle University. The ceremony was hosted by Xinliang Liu, a student from our college.

The first item on the agenda was Director Qin's opening remarks, which enlivened the whole room. Dean Cheng was the second speaker, followed by Manager Guo’s speech and congratulatory remarks. This historical moment marked the official collaboration between Peihua University and Oracle WDP.

Manager Guo concluded the ceremony and delivered his good wishes to the college, faculty and students. Students from the Student Union posed for photos after Manager Guo’s speech. The collaboration ceremony between Xi’an Peihua University and Oracle WDP ended with great success.