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Digital Learning Choices

Oracle University is excited to provide digital learning choices in the form of Oracle Student Learning Subscriptions. The Oracle Student Learning Subscriptions can be used to accelerate learning as a supplement to existing curriculum, a stand-alone curriculum offering and as a self-paced offering to help learners quickly grasp the technology area that they are undertaking to advance their career.

Welcome to the Oracle Student Learning Subscriptions

Each Oracle Student Learning Subscription consists of an all digital learning experience with lab exercises specifically designed to help students acquire the real-world knowledge and skills that are in such high demand in the IT industry.

Each subscription provides you with all of the resources you need to:

LearnAccess high quality training videos with demonstrations from industry experts
PracticeLab exercises and a lab environment enable you to practice what you learn
Get CertifiedDemonstrate your newly acquired skills to take the included certification exam

Available Student Learning Subscriptions:

Available Student Learning Subscriptions (Cloud Editions)

The following Student learning Subscriptions (Cloud Editions) incorporate Oracle Cloud services into the learning experience for students to gain a real-world understanding utilizing the Oracle Cloud platform.