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Think about it-97 percent of the Fortune 500 companies run Oracle solutions. Why wouldn't you choose Oracle certification to secure your future? With certification through Oracle, your resume gets noticed, your chances of landing your dream job improve, you become more marketable, and you earn more money. Validation of your skills is the key.

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Oracle certification helps you get hired and get paid for your skills.

Stand Out

Earn More

Showcase Your Skills

Get Hired

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Hiring managers who say IT certifications are beneficial and provide value to the company1


Say that Oracle certification gives them credibility when looking for a new job2


Believe that Oracle certification improved their earning power2


Think that certification has made them more in demand3


Salary growth for Oracle Certified professionals6


Increased LinkedIn profile views for people with certifications, boosting their visibility and career opportunities4

2.5 million IT jobs

are expected to go unfilled in 2020 because of a widening skills gap. One of the main reasons IT jobs go unfilled is the continuing difficulty in finding trained and certified workers. Building a career foundation using the best IT training and certification available is critical to becoming an invaluable future employee.

Opportunity Through Knowledge

Oracle is the smart choice as your career partner. Our certification levels are tailored to help you advance at every stage of your career. That's why Oracle certification levels ranked among the top 75 IT credentials in the 2015 Annual Salary Survey from Certification Magazine.

We're the industry standard.

Join the nearly 2 million people worldwide who have earned their Oracle certification.

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