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Oracle Cloud Learning Solutions

Oracle Guided Learning

Provide your end users with just-in-time and in-context training for your Oracle Cloud applications. Ensure that no matter how many end users there are or where they are located, you can provide the information needed to make them successful using your Oracle Cloud applications.

Busy employees typically have 1% of their work week to spend on training.
- Bersin by Deloitte

Oracle Guided Learning simplifies how your team is trained.

The biggest challenge with any new Cloud implementation is ensuring your end users know how to navigate in the Cloud, understand your company's policies and procedures, and are able to adapt with changes to the Cloud application as it evolves.

Guided Learning from Oracle University provides an efficient and scalable platform that enables you to train large numbers of end users in multiple locations with just-in-time, in context training embedded right in your Oracle Cloud applications.

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  • Accelerated Adoption

    • Training embedded directly in the application
    • Training available at go-live
    • Updated for all Oracle Cloud releases
    • Customizable to support company processes and policies
  • Reduce Cost and SRs

    • Step-by-step guide to avoid mistakes
    • New user training integrated inside the application
    • Just-in-time guidance helps reduce support requests
  • Just-in-Time Learning

    • Integrated with Live Application
    • Task-based training for all functional business users
    • Quick Learning for each task
    • Application changes are reflected for experienced users

Guided Learning Features

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A non-disruptive "Guided Learning" icon is embedded inside the live application.

Tasks are displayed based on the role of the user and their location within the application.

Step-by-step guided assistance is available throughout the live application.

Guided Learning can be customized to include your business processes, standards, company policies and additional training.

The selected flow navigates end users through the steps required to complete the business task or process in the live application.

It allows users to track what step they are in within the overall flow.

The process is completed within the live application, and validated by the guided assistance confirmation.

Draw attention to new Features and/or Policies with a flashing "Beacon" that can introduce videos, or training materials for new and existing users.

Customizable pop-ups can be displayed to enforce training for new users and to highlight significant updates, such as process changes.

The training can include assets for user adoption, such as executive videos and links to your LMS.

Embed Training Directly in Cloud Applications

Get the training your team needs exactly when they need it with Oracle Guided Learning.

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