Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer

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Exam Number: 1Z0-805
Associated Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer
Exam Price: EGP 842
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Duration: 150 minutes
Number of Questions: 80
Passing Score: 60%
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Recommended Training and Preparation

Additional Information & Resources

Exam Topics

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  Language Enhancements
[  ] Use String in the switch statement
[  ] Use binary literals, numeric literals with underscores
[  ] Use try-with-resources
[  ] Use multi-catch in exception statements
[  ] Use the diamond operator with generic declarations
[  ] Use more precise rethrow in exceptions
  Design Patterns
[  ] Design a class using the Singleton design pattern
[  ] Identify when and how to use composition to solve business problems
[  ] Write code to implement the DOA Pattern
[  ] Design a class that uses the Factory design pattern
[  ] Database Applications with JDBC
  Describe the JDBC API
[  ] Identify the Java statements required to connect to a database using JDBC
[  ] Use the JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider, RowSetFactory, and new RowSet interfaces
[  ] Use JDBC transactions
[  ] Use the proper JDBC API to submit queries and read results from the database.
[  ] Use JDBC PreparedStatement and CallableStatement
[  ] Identify potential threading problems
[  ] Use java.util.concurrent collections
[  ] Use atomic variables and locks
[  ] Use Executors and ThreadPools
[  ] Use the parallel Fork/Join framework
[  ] Describe the advantages of localizing an application
[  ] Define what a locale represents
[  ] Read and set the locale by using the Locale object
[  ] Build a resource bundle for each locale
[  ] Call a resource bundle from an application
[  ] Select a resource bundle based on locale
[  ] Format text for localization by using NumberFormat and DateFormat
  Java File I/O (NIO.2)
[  ] Use the Path class to operate on file and directory paths
[  ] Use the Files class to check, delete, copy, or move a file or directory
[  ] Read and change file and directory attributes
[  ] Recursively access a directory tree
[  ] Find a file by using the PathMatcher class
[  ] Watch a directory for changes by using WatchService


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If Oracle determines, in its sole discretion, that fraudulent activity has taken place, it reserves the right to take action up to and including, but not limited to, decertification of a candidate's Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional and/or OCM credentials, temporary, indefinite or permanent ban of a candidate from Oracle certification programs, notification to a candidate's employer, and notification to law enforcement agencies. Candidates found committing fraudulent activities forfeit all fees previously paid to Oracle, or to Oracle's authorized vendors, and may be required to pay additional fees for services rendered.

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