Oracle Database 11g: Application Tracing and Automatic SQL Tuning

Oracle Database implements tracing by generating a trace file for each server process when you enable the tracing mechanism. This course explores configuring the SQL Trace facility to collect session statistics, using the TRCSESS utility to consolidate SQL trace files, formatting trace files using the tkprof utility, and interpreting the output of the tkprof command. Tuning statements automatically eases the entire SQL tuning process and replaces manual SQL tuning. Statement profiling, and using the SQL Tuning Advisor, the SQL Access Advisor, and Automatic SQL Tuning are also covered in this course.

Support engineers, developers, technical consultants, data warehouse developers, and application developers.


Application Tracing, Trace Files, and tkprof

  • recognize how to configure the SQL trace facility
  • recognize how to use the trcsess utility
  • recognize how to use the tkprof utility
  • Automatic SQL Tuning

  • recognize how statement profiling works
  • recognize how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • recognize the features of the SQL Access Advisor
  • recognize the features of Automatic SQL Tuning

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